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Benefits of Buying a Brand New Home

1. Get What You Want- you get to choose from a huge selection of new home models, plus work closely with the contractor to pick the features and finishes that you want most!

2. Choose the Builder- Choose a builder based on their reputation and track record.

3. Well Designed Communities- New Developments are designed to foster a spirit of neighbourliness by carefully balancing private and public areas.

4. Great Designs- New homes combine function and style, with open, inviting living areas, lots of light, well planned work spaces and built-in convenience.

5. Advanced Products & Materials- New homes use the most advanced building components. From construction material to heating systems, the technology built into every new home ensures high performance, durability, and long-term satisfaction.

6. Finished with Flair- From flooring to faucets, the latest finishing products spell great looks and superior performance.

7. Easy Maintenance- With today's careful construction, thoughtful design and improved building products, it is easier than ever to keep your home in great condition inside and out.

8. Energy-Efficiency- Thanks to advanced construction, higher levels of insulation and energy-efficient heating and cooling system, you not only save money on your energy bills, you also enjoy a far more comfortable home.

9. Indoor Air Quality- Clean air, a comfortable moisture level and no mold or lingering odours- New homes are designed to give you and your family the best possible indoor living environment. 

10. Safety- Constructed to the latest building codes, a new home included a wide range of safety measures to protect you and your family, from electrical circuit protectors and safety glass to hard wired smoke detectors. 

11. Warranty- One of the greatest advantages of buying a brand new home is the warranty that comes with it. Professional builders stand behind their work with an after-sales service program and a guaranteed third-party warranty.

12. Stable Financial Planning- Plan for the future with confidence. With a new home, you know what you are getting. Everything is brand new- there will be no major repair bills and no replacement costs for years to come.

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